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AU bandwagon

It's official. I'm weak. I have now succumbed to the AU bandwagon. I've been wanting to write something all-human for awhile now, but was uncomfortable with my first foray. Then I saw a challenge over at the Spuffy awards that caught my eye and decided to give it another go. And now I'm starting to post it. :)

TITLE: By Rook or By Crook
SUMMARY: Sometimes, no matter how fast you run, your past always manages to catch up to you. It’s 1940, and the streets of Manhattan are the last place on earth ex-hitman William Rook ever expected to find himself again. But one last job has demanded he return, a job that pushes him directly into the path of a certain blonde chanteuse named Buffy Summers, and nothing will ever be the same again…for either of them…

By Rook or By Crook

You know, it's a good thing Spike and Buffy are so poseable, because I certainly do enjoy playing with them. :) This shouldn't affect my work on Voices; I'm going to be alternating between the two as I did with Voices and Zephyr.

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