Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

First stressful school morning. Alicia lost the book/holder she brought home just last night and then as we're searching frantically for it, Alex decides to have an accident which requires completely stripping him out of the clothes I have *just* put him in. We're running behind, and I can't even drive the kids to school if I have to because Craig still has one of the carseats in his car, so poor Alex got dragged along, whining the whole way. We ended up not being late, thank god. This is the stuff I've always heard about with schoolkids. I have to endure 20 more years of this? Sheesh.

Still feeling all discombobulated, though I'm sleeping a little better. Writing is spurty, my mood is up and down, Alex is just as cranky, and I still haven't heard from my sister about her contact information. I've e-mailed my other sister in hopes that she has it. Fingers crossed.

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