Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Two days of school gone and we leave for our third in half an hour. Alicia is doing well but is bored already. When asked by her father what she learned on her first day, she sighed heavily, rolled her eyes, and said, "We learned how to stand in line."

She's making friends, though, and I'm sure once the kids are settled in their routine, things will pick up. The school is conducting testing this week and next, I think to establish how much the kindergartners know. I wasn't entirely sure as I wasn't at the head of the sign-up line when the announcement was made. I just saw the sheets with the big "Testing Schedule" that I had to put Alicia on.

Beyond that, I think Alex and I are having the hardest time of it. He is completely thrown. He's spent most of the two days asking where Alicia is and being incredibly clingy, which means my schedule is all thrown to hell. I've gotten next to no writing done, my house is a disaster, but on the plus side, I've lost 4 pounds because of the added walks/extra running around/miscellaneous eating reasons. He starts back at nursery after Labor Day, so I'm hoping to regain some kind of control then. I don't do well when I lack a schedule.

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