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Craig's been in work mode nearly the entire weekend. He got called at 9am yesterday morning and was firefighting for a client until after 3 when we were supposed to have company arrive for a bbq at 2. Everything has been skewed as a result. We did end up having the company come over, but they didn't arrive until 4:30, so our visiting was shorter than we'd wanted. I thought today was going to be good and clear for spending time together, and we got off to a good start by going out and getting some necessary shopping done, but as soon as we got back at 1pm, he was working again.

Oh yeah, and watching The Weather Channel to watch the hurricane stuff. He keeps apologizing for ignoring me. Part of me wants to be bitchy and say why should now be any different, but that's completely not fair. I know that in a lot of repects that I'm incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life. I'm just hormonal at the moment, and horrificly lonely, and wishing desperately that I was half as interesting to him as his work is. Or even the hurricane. *sigh*

To top it all off, I can't find my opening for my original fic. I know I shouldn't be working on anything fanfic-wise until I finish another original story, but I'm having the worst time getting this one started. I'm almost ready to go back to the other one I'd started and seeing if I can salvage it. It has 3 chapters done already, but I hit walls plot-wise and then got distracted. *bangs head on table*

I need to be concentrating on the good things in my life. Things could be a lot worse. I could be one of those unfortunate people who are being threatened by the hurricane (and all my prayers and good thoughts go out to all of you, my whining here is not in any way meant to detract from the severity of what you're going through, it's just stream of consciousness stuff for me to get some of this baggage off my chest before I implode). The new skin products I've been using seem to actually be positively affecting my rosacea. I'm back on an exercise schedule. So, lots of good stuff.

So why is it that I'm still depressed?
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