Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Well, it was a crappy day that seems to be ending a little bit better. Tomorrow's going to be busy because we have company coming over for a barbecue. That means I'll be up obscenely early so that I can get to Safeway to pick up what I'm going to need to make my BBQ beans. It requires making my barbecue sauce first, and then letting the beans bake for hours to soak up the flavor. They're really good; I'm going to have to post the recipe at some point for people.

Craig and I have come to a decision about Alex. He's going to go 3 full days, T-TH, which means my house is going to be *so* empty. I promised Craig that I would use those mornings to concentrate on writing my original fic, which I think is a good way to compromise. I can work on Echoes at other times, then, and still have something I can actually sell. That's the goal, at least. :)

Everything is so quiet, but then I know a lot of people are at SFX this weekend in Toronto. I know I have no reason to be because I already had my con fix for the year, but I'm still slightly jealous. Must be because it's that time of the month for me; the green-eyed monster always rears its ugly head about anything and everything right about now.

That's my cue that I'm saying too much. Shutting up now.

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