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Good days

Funny how I most often differentiate my good days from my bad days by how much I accomplish. I'm almost afraid to question about what that might say about me...

But! I got so much done today! I've written 3200 words already, and it's only 7pm. I'm going to have at least another 3 hours all to myself once the kids are down for the night, so there's no telling how much will get done. I also managed to send off the last chapter of This Wanton World to sadbhyl for beta-ing, so I'm pleased about that. Got a ton of ironing and cleaning done as well, so as soon as I make this post, I'm going to spend some quality time with my kids before they go to bed. How can I not be happy about that? :)

Alex is amusing the hell out of me today. His latest obsession when he's outside is killing ants. With a baseball bat. I'm counting it as a testosterone thing. ;)

Tomorrow is registration day at Alicia's school. I'm hoping that if I go down there right at 9 when they open, I won't have to queue long with the kids to get it done. Fingers crossed. :)

Off to play with the kids!
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