Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

OK, this is the silliest thing for me to be wanting to pimp, but damn it, I'm doing it anyway.

It's elementalv's Battle Royale. It's a poll-based fun fic where somebody gets killed off from BtVS every night by someone else from BtVS. So far, Travers, Warren, and Kennedy have been killed off, which you know, is a good thing considering how early it is in the game.


The other night, it was announced that 3 people would die next, so you get to vote for 3 people this time. The results should've been posted last night, but real life got away from elementalv and she's extended the voting until tonight. Why am I bringing this to your attention?

Because Spike is one of the top 3 to be killed!

I know. I'm silly. But, damn it! I don't want Spike killed so early! There are much worthier people to be killed, like Amy, and Gavin, and Andrew, and Dawn, and the list goes on. But not Spike! Not so soon!


OK, I'm calmer now. :) So, please go vote. Save Spike. We can't save him for TV, but maybe we can save him for the Battle Royale. :) Thank you.
Tags: pimping
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