Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Awards pimping

It's that time of the month again, where you have to put up with me putting on my pimp hat and telling people about the various awards sites out there that are either in nomination mode or voting mode. Aren't you lucky?

Bedtime Story Awards: BSA is taking nominations through August 31 for your favorite short stories. This isn't a shipper site; anything is welcome here. The only statute is that stories have to be under 2500 words in length.

Spuffy Awards: SA is taking nominations for your favorite Spuffy fics, both canon and fantasy.

Vampire Kisses Awards: VK is taking nominations for your favorite Spike and Buffy stories (this includes William, by the way).

Love's Last Glimpse Awards: Yeah, this one's mine. :) Nominations have just opened for Round 11.

Lovebite Awards: Nominating has just ended over at LB, which means it's time for the reader's vote. xheartrockx has changed things up a bit this round, but voting remains the same. A lot of your favorite writers are nominated over there, so please take five minutes to go over and vote. :)

I know the awards aren't everybody's thing, but honestly, a lot of authors get a little extra squee when they find out someone has thought well enough of their work and taken enough time out of their day to nominate them. This is an excellent way to show your authors that you love them. :)
Tags: pimping

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