Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Another 4 episodes down on S1 of Smallville. We're still watching, but Craig said that it doesn't resemble the occasional later episodes he's caught, though he wouldn't elaborate. At least it looks like we might be past the new MOW/Clark discovers a new supertalent format. Well, except he's not flying yet. That's probably to come. It was fun seeing Joe Morton show up, though. I checked IMDB to see if he came back, and thank god he does. He's one of those consistently good characters that it's great to see working. Kind of like James, except, well, OK, maybe I don't lust after Joe. ;)

Mall trip was relatively useless, though I did pick up a couple of cute pair of earrings. I went in search of blue casual shoes with a small heel, but found nothing I really liked. I got all disconsolate after that. Kind of spoiled the shopping mood. On the plus side, the new jeans I bought last weekend are way baggy. I knew that buying them, so bought the 12 as well. They were buy one/get the second half off, so I figured it was a good deal. One pair I wear for fat days and the other for when I want a slimmer fit. Sounded good to me.
Tags: smallville

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