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Booster Bash - Friday

Oh god. It's 6am on Saturday morning here in LA, and I'm wondering what the hell I'm doing up at this ungodly hour, especially since I didn't go to bed until nearly 2am last night. Oh yeah. Because some idiot at Booster's organizational meeting said, "Let's start the photo ops at 8am on Saturday! It'll be fun!" Pox on them, I say.

So I'm waking myself up by self-medicating with Mountain Dew and writing up about yesterday. Aren't you lucky? :)

Actually, not a whole lot happened for Friday. psubrat and I went down to registration early to get our photo ops straightened out (I'd bought ops for her when I got mine, and they forgot to include them in her packet), and ended up buying raffle tickets for their Chinese Auction. We then proceeded to stuff way too many tickets in the 12" figurine jars---mine in Spike's and hers in Faith. That was going to be a recurring theme for the day it would seem.

PSUbrat had lunch plans, so I went back to our room and working on writing and LLGA stuff until 3pm when the first panel was scheduled. Joss' girls, it was, but as per convention rules, it was running late. PSUbrat and I have excellent seats (front row, middle section, right on the end, and it's a small room, so we're *really* close), but when they hadn't started by 3:15, we decided to go check out the other dealer table instead of wait. We ended up buying the Women of Sunnydale card sets/binders, she got a really nice Faith figurine, and I finally succumbed and bought the Spike statue on the rock. I wasn't going to, but then I called Craig to see if he'd divorce me if I came home with it.

C: How many zeroes are at the end? (referring to the price)
Me: Actually there's not. (I then proceed to tell him the cost.)
C: (Scoffs) Is that all? Just get it.

Hee. Of course, I didn't tell him that the thing stands quite tall when it's set up completely...

We ended up missing both panels and the improv because I *really* needed to eat before the cocktail party, so we went and did dinner. We went down to the cocktail party at 7pm. It took a while for things to pick up---the actors were mobbed as they usually are at these things, so we sat a table and just socialized. In the end, we ended up talking the most with ghostgirl13, _sharvie_, spikesgurl, and a couple other people I'm afraid I don't remember their names. (That would be the fault of the 5 bloody marys I had.) It was a blast, especially when spikesgurl and I got to talking about supportive significant others and I talked about how great Craig was with the whole fandom thing. She then began to relate one of her "favorite" stories that she'd heard, about a woman who's husband had foregone a photo op with James and instead asked him to kiss the wife...which I erupted, "Oh my god! That's Craig!" We were laughing so hard about the sheer coincidence of it all; she even knew what James had said to Craig afterward. It was hysterical.

I didn't do much talking to the star guests as a result. Andy Hallett got there late and proceeded to get mobbed, so I decided to forego saying hi until today (although I did run into him later before we went upstairs and got to do it then). I got to see sweetiejen for about 2 seconds because she's working this weekend as Clare Kramer's PA. And PSUbrat really wanted to say hi to Drew Goddard so we went outside where all the smokers were and proceeded to fangirl him. Can I just say, this guy is tall? We got our picture taken with him, and we look like hobbits next to him. Just saying.

The group of us went and checked out the dance, which seemed kind of lame, and then came up to our room to chat some more. That lasted until 1am at which point we all decided that it was far too late for as early as we had to get up. It was hysterically fun, though I really have to say that I'm not looking forward to photo ops in 90 minutes. I have to find a way to be coherent before then. I really do.

Oh, and the oddest thing I saw all day? Another meeting/convention happening yesterday in the hotel was called, "Screenwriting for Lawyers." Only in LA. :)
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