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Well, it's been an interesting day so far.

psubrat and I had decided that we'd be leaving the house 10ish this morning. Craig was taking the kids into the nursery, so I said my goodbyes last night because he left the house at 6:30am. Well, at 7:05, the front door opens again, and I hear Alex calling out, "Mommy! Car broken!"

Turns out, Craig got distracted at a red light, thought it was green, and rear-ended the huge truck in front of him. His hand smashed into the windshield, and the airbag went off. Both the kids were OK, but Craig had to come home because of the smashed front end and the broken windshield. We were trying to figure out how it was all going to work, but then the rental place said they'd be able to replace the car first thing this morning, so psubrat and I left the house at 9am, ready to leave for LA, to take Craig and the kids to the car rental place. Craig's doing fine. His wrist is a bit swollen, and he's got scratches, but other than that, the only reminder we have for the accident now (because the rental place already towed the crashed car back) is Alex constantly telling Craig, "Car broken."

So, psubrat and I got on the road, and an hour from LA, hit a major accident on I5. We got stopped for just a little bit, and then heard that it wasn't supposed to be clear for a few hours. We were about to take a detour when we saw that the trucks which had been stopped were now moving. We got lucky and discovered they'd opened the southbound traffic. Thank god.

We're now at the hotel, which is incredibly posh, and did early registration. This thing is amazingly organized, and supposedly, they'll know if there's a replacement for Alexis late tonight for us to find out tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed it's somebody good. I have my laptop, and I'm not working this con, so I should be able to give periodic updates. psubrat and I have tickets for the banquet, cocktail party, luncheon, and bus tour, so there should be good stuff to share. :)

Tonight, I plan on writing. :)

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