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Wishful thinking

OK, so maybe I was being a little optimistic about getting the chapter done. That's probably actually a good thing because the last thing I need right now is to be setting some kind of precedent that I can't meet. Better for people to think of it as a lucky shot. Yeah. That's the ticket.

Lost a lot of time this evening because at 6:30, Craig calls me to let me know he thinks he's running out of gas. Seems the car stalled on him once and he was on the red, and he'd call me back if he actually did run out. He called back 3 minutes later. So, in order to make sure he got home before god knows when, I bundled the kids in the car and drove out to pick him up and take him to the gas station. An hour later, we're home and we're putting the kids to bed and we still haven't eaten supper. So more time lost. And since when does somebody who insisted on transporting his convertible all the way to the UK and pay for all the work to get it to meet British standards run out of gas? Makes no sense to me.

So, hopefully the chapter should be up first thing tomorrow morning. And the one after this one is NC-17. Plus, I've got pool sex coming up in
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