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Lazy day. Hot. We let the kids play on the xbox all day, and Craig, psubrat, and I have been watching her Firefly dvd's.

I still don't get the attraction with this show. I was kind of hoping that sitting and watching them in order that I'd fall for this show like so many of my friends have. But...nope. I mean, it's not that it's bad because it's not, but I'm just not connecting with it. I don't really like any of the characters, and I just don't feel like I've gotten to *know* any of them. Mal does absolutely nothing for me on a visceral level, Inara and Simon are beautiful but flat, and I spend most of my time wondering why some of these people don't just get off the damn ship. It's probably not a bad thing that I've been spoiled for the movie because I wouldn't pay money to watch these characters on a big screen anyway.

Otherwise, I'm a slug. Got very little accomplished today except LLGA coding/reading, finishing off the 4th chapter of my artathon fic for the watchersdiaries, and starting the next Echoes chapter. I didn't even cook; we ordered in Chinese. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
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