Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Sobbing because of Buffy again.

Tonight's episode: Wild at Heart

The exchange to break me:

Willow : What are you doing?
Oz : I'm going.
Willow : Now?
Oz : Mm-hmm.
Willow : That's your solution?
Oz : That's my decision.
Willow : Don't I get any say in this?
Oz : No. Veruca was right about something. The wolf is inside me all the time, and I don't know where that line is anymore between me and it. And until I figure out what that means, I shouldn't be around you... Or anybody.
Willow : (Crying.) Well, that could be a problem 'cause people... Kind of a planetary epidemic.
Oz : I'll find someplace.
Willow : Well, how long?
Oz : I don't know.
Willow : Oz... Don't you love me?
Oz : (Holding her pressing his forehead to hers as she sobs.) My whole life... I've never loved anything else.

Tags: buffy

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