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So, it's 10pm, and I'm curled up in bed with the laptop, listening to the dead silence of my house. The only thing I can hear is the white noise from the monitor I have on the nightstand; its mate is upstairs, positioned so that I can hear the kids when they're up there. Without it, I can't hear a thing, so it's become invaluable to me in our new home.

With Craig gone, I've decided to rewatch all my Buffy DVD's, so I've started with S1 this week. Tonight was "The Puppet Show" and "Nightmares." I'd forgotten how truly awful they used to dress these guys. Multiple prints for Willow and Xander, and the most hideous miniskirt/minidress combinations for Buffy. Still, fun to watch, so damn clever even then. Giles being particulary stuffy. Buffy when she still had curves. Lovely, quippy Xander, crushing on the Slayer. And not an Angel in sight in these two episodes.

I miss Craig.

I'm taking the kids to go see Madagascar tomorrow as a day out for us. Wish me luck. I haven't taken them to the cinema on my own before, but I don't want them to miss this in case it leaves before Craig gets back. I've heard mixed things about the movie, but the kids aren't particularly picky so hopefully we should be OK.

Stone's outline has stretched to 15 chapters. I just finished writing chapter 11 today and realized I needed an extra one to get to where I wanted to. Stupid interim chapters throwing off my count. ;)

Did I mention I miss Craig yet?

Alicia's clinginess is so much worse when one of us is gone. She's been wanting me around 24/7 ever since Craig left, not in a crying kind of way, but just a you-have-to-play-with-me-all-the-time kind of way. It's exhausting.

We made Mississippi Mud brownies this morning as a distraction, and wouldn't you know it but I can't get Alex to touch the things. He'll eat most of the ingredients just fine on their own, and licking the bowl? Not a problem. But put one of the whole brownies in front of him and he pushes the plate away. My son is so strange when it comes to food. I often wonder how it's possible for him to be as strong and healthy as he is, considering how finicky his eating habits are.

On a whim, I turned All My Children on the other day. I used to adore ABC soaps---well, AMC and General Hospital. Then, we moved to the UK and of course I fell out of touch with them. I flipped over yesterday, and there was Tad, talking about Dixie being back from the dead. How many times is that woman going to come back? Except the woman they cast this time looks like she's about 20, which is just so wrong in the scenes with her son. Tad still looks good, though. :)

My period is making me way too maudlin. I cried twice today reading fic stuff, and I'm all melancholy now because of it. I'm also thinking way too much about Craig. Part of me wants to stay up a little longer to try and speak with him before I go to bed, and another part says that I'm being silly. I probably am. Doesn't stop me from missing him.

God, I'm pathetic. Do you know that I actually forgot for awhile today that it was Wednesday? I had to go to my calendar and look it up. Without having Craig around, it's like I've lost my compass, which, yeah, makes me pathetic. Seriously, I would completely set back the feminist movement if I was in charge. So much of my life revolves around my husband, but I think it does in a good way. See, this is me justifying how old-fashioned I can be about some stuff. :)

OK, now I'm just getting sad. I better cut this off and go read some poetry for chapter 12 of Stone before I go to bed.

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