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Nothing new, but...

Why do I do this to myself? Finished posting the newest chapter and decided to take advantage of my quiet house to watch the next episode on my S6 Buffy DVD's. I haven't watched them all the way through yet, and only watched them the once or twice the first time they were aired. So what was next on the rotation?

As You Were

So much not to like about this episode: Stupidest plot device ever. Sam. The mangling of Spike's character with that doctor crap. Too many stupid jokes about how bad Buffy smells. (And believe it or not, I liked Riley. I always liked Riley. Just not with Buffy.)

And now I'm all annoyed about what I'm considering character assassination. Not even like it's anything new. Or as bad as Seeing Red. And my poor little heart is breaking over the lost hurt on Spike's face at the end when she leaves.

I really need to work on some fic, I think...

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