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Lots of miscellaneous

I get to be online for awhile today! Woo hoo! MIL is out doing her crafts classes, and FIL is fishing, so the house is mine for a few hours. I can actually connect with my online life for a tiny bit. :)

I'm just going to list stuff as I think of it, so bear with my scatterbrained-ness.

1. Thank you to whoever nominated "Rendezvous" over at the Raison D'etre Awards. It's the first for this fic, and since it holds such a dear part of my heart, I'm all asquee that it got this recognition.

2. I leave for the South Coast tomorrow at lunch time, and I don't think I'm going to have Internet access while I'm gone. We're caravanning it Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and I don't imagine it's going to be hooked up, lol. Then, I leave for Detroit on Tuesday, so my commenting that's been so bad? Won't even have a chance to happen this weekend. My apologies in advance for that.

3. Got a nice afternoon out of the house yesterday with my SIL. Bought myself a new bag. I've never spent that much on a bag in my life (mainly because I'm so cheap when it comes to purses), but the damn thing kept taunting me. It was right at the front of the store in a display with shoes we were looking at, I picked it up to immediately fall in love, looked at the price tag and then put it down again. Then, I rounded the corner to see what else the store had and saw another display with the bag featured. I did my best to ignore it, but wouldn't you know it, as soon as I turned around, there was a *third* display with it on it. It didn't help that Helen is standing behind me going, "Get it. You know you want to." It was her revenge for my being responsible for buying a bag earlier in the afternoon, lol.

4. Also managed to pick up two new pairs of trousers while I was out, embroidered cropped jeans from Debenham's and embellished tan cargo pants from NEXT. They're so damn cute.

5. Had a *very* interesting conversation with the SIL while we were out. She commented that she was surprised Mary and I were getting along so well, considering how long we've been stuck with each other. That led to my telling her what's been going on, and I found out that the MIL has been saying all these nice things about my parenting skills to BIL and SIL. Why in hell can't she say some of that to me? Why is it always about the criticism when she talks to me? *shakes head* I just don't get her sometimes.

6. Half the house has been sick. Alex and the MIL have it the worst. Alex was down last night with a huge fever and crying and coughing so I had him sleep with me because he just couldn't get comfortable enough to rest for any amount of time. Wouldn't you know it, but he woke up this morning all bright and chipper, with no sign of the cold anywhere. Thank god he's bounced back in time for the weekend.

7. Have 3 chapters of my fic done for the Sting ficathon that sadbhyl is running. I changed my original idea because I didn't want to turn it into another epic, but this one is still turning out longer than I'd thought. If I can keep it to a dozen chapters, I'll be happy. Don't know if I can keep that, though. I'm already a chapter out on my outline. This one is Spuffy-oriented, set 3 years post-Chosen, so hopefully people aren't sick of those stories and will want to read it, lol.

8. I found out the tickets went on sale this morning for James Marsters' London thing at Halloween, but have decided that even though Craig said I could go, I'm not going to. As much as I want to see James on stage, it's just not practical to come back for a single day event, and really, a single performance (even though he's doing both a matinee and an evening show). I get to see him in Sacramento anyway, and I'm seeing him sing next week at the Motor City Con, so that will be my James fixes for the year. Unless of course he decides to do something else in California, in which case I'm right there. :)

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