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Spent 3 hours on the phone last night with Lori and realized yet again how excited I am about going to Dragon*Con. I've never done the convention thing before, even with the one so close here in England just a few weeks ago, and only decided to do this one because of two things---1) lots of writers are going to be there that I admire so going just for James and the band doesn't seem so weird, and 2) Lori is going so we can finally meet in person instead of just spending obscene amounts of time online and on the phone.

Now, though, it's snowballing, and I've realized I'm getting the chance to meet so many other people that have meant so much to me online. Mia is a big one. She was how I found Crumbling Walls in the first place, and probably the sole reason I continued with my fanfic. Her support during my first story was incredible, and so anyone who likes my stuff should seriously thank her for keeping me on it. Such a wonderful person, and I'm so looking forward to getting to see her.

So, who else is going? How else am I going to be wonderfully surprised that week by getting to put faces to online identities? :)

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