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My family has crashed.

Yesterday, Craig took the kids and his parents into San Francisco to do tourist-y stuff and left me home to do writing. They spent the whole day running around---as my husband is notorious for overscheduling and wanting to do everything in no time at all---and they got home after 8pm last night completely knackered. Not such a bad thing, especially since I got 5000 words written yesterday in their absence.

No, the bad part comes with the fact that today was the March of Dimes walkathon we've been signed up for months. This is one of the charity events that Craig's company got involved in to honor Mark, Craig's best friend who died so suddenly last fall, and was something we've been looking forward to. Craig failed to tell me we had to be at the park by 8:30. A park that was an hour away, so that meant we had to be out the door no later than 7:30. We managed that, but after doing the walkathon and then hanging out at the park for the rest of the morning, everybody just about died on the way home. Now, they're all lying on the couches watching "Cats" on video, half of them asleep.

I'm going to get more writing done, can you tell? :)

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