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Ficathon pimping

I've been meaning to pimp this, but with my move and lack of DSL, it's slipped my mind. And now, I absolutely have to because the 15th is the last day for sign-ups and I'd love to see more people involved.

The Soul Cages Ficathon (BtVS/AtS)

sadbhyl is hosting a ficathon based on the fabulous Sting album, The Soul Cages. You sign up, you get assigned a song from the album, and you create something based on inspiration from the song. Calling it a ficathon is misleading, though. It's also an artathon, so you can do something graphic if that's where your particular talent lies.

Details and sign-ups are here. Do it. It's a gorgeous album. It's going to be a great ficathon. :)

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