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LLGA Judges Announcement

When it rains, it pours.

My cpanel for LLGA is down. Has been since late yesterday. That means I can't get any of my e-mails until it comes back. This has happened before, usually lasts for a day or two due to a problem with the host. It's not usually *that* big a deal.

However, with the end of judging for the current round of LLGA drawing so near, it's a big deal now. I haven't been able to retrieve scores from the judges for the past 24 hours, and with so many still owing me their results, I'm nervous.

So, if you're a judge for LLGA, and you've sent me scores within the past two days and haven't heard back from me, could you please send them again, this time to my regular e-mail account ( And all other judges who haven't sent their scores in yet, could you please do so to that account instead of the LLGA one? Or, if for some reason you won't meet the deadline by the end of the day of the 14th, drop me a line and let me know.

Sorry to waste space on my flist on this, but as I can't retrieve my address book for my judges, this seemed to be the best way to reach most of them. Thank you. :)

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