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God, 2 more days before the DSL gets straightened out. Well, maybe more like 3 since Craig works on Tuesday and nobody here will know what the hell to do until he gets home. I can't wait. I've been rationing my online time in between unpacking, and pretty much just skimming through LJ (because anything with graphics takes *way* too long to load) and checking e-mail for myself and for LLGA.

I've decided there won't be updates this week for Echoes and Calypso. I'm still a little scattered and not really in a routine yet, so I'm focusing what little writing energy I have on my OF for moxie_fic's Linden Bay. I need to have that done by the end of the month and still have another 20,000 words to go. Considering I wrote 50,000 of it in 5 weeks, I'm not *too* worried, especially since my MIL has said once the unpacking is done, she'll take the kids off my hands so that I have time to do it. My goal is to get back to Echoes and Calypso late this week for posting the following week.

Speaking of the inlaws, things are a bit better today. I was stressing out yesterday in a huge way, partially because Craig and his dad spent *six* hours working on cleaning out the hot tub, draining it, learning how it works, spending time down at the spa shop that is unfortunately within walking distance of the house. This isn't *that* big a deal except for the fact that there was so much other stuff that hadn't been done yet, and I just don't see the hot tub as a priority when his office hasn't been put together and our bedroom hadn't been completed (I ended up doing the bedroom and our bathroom myself). So, yeah, a little short-tempered yesterday. Better today. Thanks to everyone for the support yesterday. I really needed it. :)

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