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We still have Internet access so I'm making a flyby post as we sit here and eat some breakfast. So far:

- Movers are now an hour late.
- Got school pictures when I dropped the kids off at nursery this morning. I'll get those online to squee about my kiddies when we get back online in the new house.
- I posted the latest chapter of Echoes last night in case I didn't have internet access this morning.

I just want today over with. Hopefully, the movers won't take long (once they actually *get* here). We've done most of the boxes ourselves and we're going to do the little stuff, too, so all they have to worry about is the big furniture. We've even already taken over the smaller tables, chests, and dining room chairs. So hopefully, not an all day job.

Me getting back online depends on Craig. We should have access today, but he has to get everything wired up in order for us to use it. There's the tinest possibility that could happen tonight, but it's much more likely to happen either late tomorrow or Thursday. Hope everybody has a lovely couple of days, and I'll see you when I get back. :)

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