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Writing/to do list stuff

Nibbles. That's what it takes. I can get everything accomplished as long as I do it in small steps. :)

- Finished 1 blurb already, only 7 more to go over the next 6 days.
- Wrote another 1400 words on the Echoes chapter after getting my blurb assignment. Still not done, but with only action-y stuff left, it should write quickly.
- Wrote 700 words on the Calypso chapter, too. That put me at my 3000-word quota for the day.
- Packed up another few boxes and organized what's going over in the morning.
- Actually managed to eat. :)

So, not feeling nearly as overwhelmed as I was earlier. Of course, I'm annoyed I can't be working on Chains as quickly as I might like, but considering that I wrote 46,000 words on it in a month and have less than 30,000 to go means I can afford this small cushion around the move.

I even managed to comment in someone else's LJ other than my own tonight. Go me. :)

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