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You know, it's my own fault. Blurbing has been really super slow for the past month, and I've been busy with the move, so I forgot to let my editor know that I'm going to be moving soon. Guess who just got her first blurb assignment in a month?

*bangs head on table*

And I don't dare say no because they gave this to me in a slow period. If I turn it down, I won't get more work. It won't matter how good my excuse is.

So, let's see my to do list now:

- Finish Echoes chapter for posting on Tuesday
- Write next Calypso chapter for posting on Wednesday (because there's no way in hell I can leave it dangling where I did this week)
- Do blurb assignment due for next Friday
- Pack house before Tuesday so we can do the move
- Find housing in the UK for the beginning of May
- Write last third of my novel for Linden Bay, due by the end of April
- Read remaining nominees for LLGA before the 14th (45 stories)
- Tabulate all the scores for LLGA (guess who picked up 5 more judges this last round?)
- Keep my family fed, clothed, and sane
- Start unpacking on Tuesday night

And this is just the big stuff. This doesn't count all the minutiae that's on the list, like getting post sorted out for redirect, both now and when we're in the UK, getting Alicia enrolled in school, arranging transfer of dental/medical records, etc.

*bangs head on table again*

My commenting is going to be even more spotty than it has been until life smooths out. I'm sorry. I can't help it. Please don't hate me.

*bangs head on table yet again hoping that will make all this stuff go away*

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