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Well, the management company has accepted the application from the pregnant couple with the baby, so we're out of the last month of our lease, woo hoo! That's one less thing to worry about, at least.

Alicia's finally accepted the move, so I'm pleased about that. She's actually excited about the new house, but I keep thinking about the issue with the UK. Craig and I think we're going to refer to it as a vacation and that we're just going to be staying at a house instead of a hotel. In one way, it *will* be a vacation for them. But...gah. I just can't think about that right now.

I'm doing a run to the new house tomorrow. I wanted to do one today, but I was stuck waiting around for the management company to do part of their move-out checkout. And they forgot and didn't show. Blech.

Jessica's song was bo-ring, so not surprised she's gone. Not surprised Anwar was in the bottom 2, either. He's going way downhill and was really quite bad last night. I wouldn't have been surprised if he's out soon. As long as Bo stays around. And Constantine! He was absolutely lovely. :)

So, I'm a wee bit confused. I get that Vogler's doing this power play with House, but what exactly was the end of House supposed to prove last night? He doesn't want to fire anyone, but Vogler insists that he gets rid of either Foreman or Cameron. Is it just supposed to be a stalemate? And I'm still unclear on how exactly House convinced the woman to get the op. He never actually threatened to tell her husband, did he? Ack. Anyway, not the best House episode, though it hasn't shaken my love for it.

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