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So, there's a new development on the going to England thing. Can you hear my deep sigh from here?

Craig just called. England *has* to happen and the company doesn't care how much it takes to do it. So, the current plan is looking that we'll go to the UK on May 6, when Craig's parents leave here, and stay until the end of July. Well, they'll all stay until the end of July. The company has agreed to fly me back round trip to the US in the beginning of June for the Ypsilanti con, and then, I'll come back to the US for good right after July 4th for the cons that are that month. Craig will stay in the UK and the kids will go to Nanny and Grandad's for 3 weeks until Craig brings them back home.

Can't say I'm thrilled but the company is doing everything in their power to make this as easy as possible for us. Yes, we're leaving our new house for 2 months (3 for Craig and the kids) but they're going to make sure we get something equivalent (UK-style) over there. They're paying for car rentals, the extra flight for if this has to happen, this is the way to do it, I suppose. It's a shame that some of the things that we loved so much about the house won't be taken advantage of this year. I won't be planting that vegetable garden I was so excited about, and the kids lose out on 3 months of playing in the yard. Of course, 2 of those are rather hot months, so maybe that's a good thing.

We're not saying anything to the kids. I can't do that to Alicia right now. God, I'm just going to get unpacked and then I'm going to have to pick up and live someplace else without my stuff for 2 months. My head is just...spinning.

OK, I'm off to pick up the kids. I'm going to respond to comments about Echoes later tonight; hopefully, my head will be a little less spinny then.

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