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Happy Egg Day to everyone!!!

Ours started off early. At just after six, Alex came running and shouting into our bedroom with an armful of the eggs he'd found downstairs for the egg hunt. He was so excited, we had to get up with him and rouse Alicia so they could do their egg hunt for real.

Today is also Craig's birthday, so once the rush of finding eggs and looking through Easter baskets was done, Craig set about to opening his gifts. I got him one of the Atari flashback consoles and guess what we've been playing most of the morning? Hee. Craig never had an Atari growing up, but god, does this take me back.

More people are coming this afternoon to look at the house. I couldn't believe people would want to do this on Easter, but considering our Easter dinner is at suppertime, I told Craig he could schedule stuff in the afternoon. The couple from yesterday with the baby didn't even wait until Monday to contact the management company. They e-mailed Craig last night that they left a message with the property management company to get back to them as soon as possible. We're taking that as a very good sign. :)

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