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Long day. Productive day. Tiring day.

- Started packing. Have 10 boxes waiting in my living room, packed with books, CD's, DVD's, and sundry.

- Sick son. Alex had a fever on and off today, took two naps, and crashed on his bed at 6pm to wake up wide awake an hour and a half later. I have managed to get him down again, but there's no telling if he'll sleep through the night.

- Hit my writing quota by 5pm. I'm thinking I might even hit 4000 words before I go to bed, if the smut behaves. Don't get too excited, it's not Spuffy smut. It's OF (specifically, Chains) smut. But I rather like it. ;)

- Watched Cool Money last night. James pretty. He didn't entirely suck. The movie, however, left a great deal to be desired. Doesn't mean I won't keep it. Or watch the James parts over again. Oh, and for the record, I love the hair. I love the way he looks his age. Heck, I just love him. /end fangirl moment

- Am I the only one who LJ is being wonky for? I can't get any posts with pictures or icons to load the graphics. It sucks. I see people squeeing over pretty James icons, and I can't see them. Wah!

- Watched Boston Legal. Serial intercourser! Bwahahaha! And Alan never fails to amaze me.

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