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Call for authors

We all talk about it. We write our fanfic, and we have our dreams about moving on from that into original fiction. Well, now, one of our own has turned that dream into a reality by launching her very own e-publishing company, Linden Bay Romance.

This is the brainchild of moxie_fic and two of her very good friends. They have opened their submission box to the public in anticipation of their launch, and I want to encourage anyone on my flist who considers themself a writer to take a look at what they're looking for and consider this. It's an excellent opportunity to break into getting paid for what you love to do. She talks about what they're looking for here, but you can also go look at their submissions page:

I, for one, am doing this. I've already started my first novel for them, a vampire romance called "Chains of Jericho," and am already anticipating/planning future stories for Linden Bay. I'm incredibly excited about this opportunity; I think you will be, too.
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