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Thanks so much to everyone who responded to my question regarding twisting Catholic history for fanfic. I didn't get a chance to respond to everyone, but you've definitely given me food for thought. Every single comment is greatly appreciated, and will only help to make the fic better, I'm sure. :)

Craig leaves tomorrow for Virginia for 4 days, so it's just me and the kids for most of the week. Can't say I'm thrilled about it, but it's a part of his job so c'est la vie. I'm going to start packing while he's gone, which sounds weird considering I just finished unpacking. :) Craig's parents are going to come for either 4 or 5 weeks starting some time the middle of the first week in April. It'll help having them around while we get everything situated.

Lots of changes. Cancelling the gym memberships and instead, we're going to get the equipment we were using most often and setting it up in the house and/or garage since we now have the room for it. We're pulling the kids from nursery as well once we're settled in the new house. Being on the other side of the Bay, it's not practical to continue at the same nursery, especially since Craig will likely be skewing his hours in order to get around rush hour traffic. Since Alicia starts at kindergarten in the fall, Craig and I decided to just let them have the summer at home, and then when Alicia starts school, I'll get Alex enrolled in the local nursery instead. Needless to say, Alicia's not happy about it. We've only just started getting to the point where she's not upset about moving again; this little girl really doesn't like any change at all. Having a back yard and having nanny and grandad coming for a month are helping the transition.

No more moving for us after this. Not until Craig's job demands it again, and then, only if we're moving to the east coast. The house we picked, we did so specifically because it's a place we'd be willing to stay in indefinitely. I'm so looking forward to getting settled in it.

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