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Fic question

So, I have a question for fic readers out there.

Anyone who reads my stuff knows that I tend to take real myths or stories and twist them to my own purposes. I did it in The Hunt with the Hound; I did it in Charms with the Otherworld and the kelpies; I did it in Frost with the 3 wisemen and Dickens. I like to do that, frankly; real mythology is so rich with stories that the opportunity to twist and/or expand on them is too much to resist.

So, my question is this. I got hit with a plot bunny this afternoon for a Spuffy fic. One that would help me pay back what I promised to fer1213 in lieu of not doing her kinkathon assignment. However, it involves taking a Catholic saint (an old one, circa 600 AD, and probably only largely familiar to residents of the UK), and twisting it to my purposes. The information on him is sketchy, but some of the stories are fascinating, especially since they've been corrupted in part for the Arthurian legends. Can I get away with this without offending too many people?

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