Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Fanfic Author Appreciation Week - Day Four

March 6 through March 13

Post to your LJ each day at least one of your favorite fanfic authors and why you love them, their work, and why they need more appreciation.


Oops. I missed Day Three. So, I'll do three authors today, three authors that have influenced me beyond belief.

kantayra: When I started reading fanfic, Kantayra was one of the first authors that I became embroiled in. She was prolific, she was hot, she was fun. And then I found "The Seventh Slayer," and I realized that fanfic didn't have to be smutty vignettes, or an excuse to put my two favorite characters in any possible sexual situation I could. Fanfic could be about plot, and it could incorporate non-Buffyverse characters, and it could still work. Even better, it could be good. That single story is the lone reason I decided to give writing fanfic a go. Not surprisingly, I love good plot. That's my first choice for fiction (and you know what, I don't care if that labels me as a populist reader/writer; stories to me are about getting involved in other worlds, other characters, and pretty prose just isn't enough for me).

Kantayra doesn't write as much these days, though she is still writing (darn that real life!). Still, the woman has written so damn much, including other pairings than Spuffy, that just when you think you've read everything she's done, you find a new gem. If you want hot, fun, and story, head on over to her site. You won't be disappointed.

kallysten: One of the hardest things in writing fanfic for me is doing Buffy. This woman makes it look effortless. She slips into Buffy's skin with an amazing ease, creating such real emotion in her fic that you can't help but be carried along. Not surprisingly, she does that with every character she writes. She doesn't limit herself to Spuffy, though I'll admit, that's primarily what I've read (though she did write the most delicious dark Wesley/Willow smut fic for me, squee!). Personally, "Baby Steps" is my favorite of her fics, and the single fic that convinced me that babyfic didn't have to be derivative, but her Childe/Sire series is considered classic within the Spuffy fandom. All her stuff can be found at her site, Divagations.

elsaf: Elsa is the original source of my William love. I stumbled across her story, "A Cricket from California," completely by accident, and discovered that it was possible to write William in a realistic manner, and to make him enjoyable as opposed to pathetic. I then went on to read her other fics, including "Dead Man Blues," a fic about Spike in the mid-'20's, "Picture This," a beautiful vignette about Buffy's desire for a memento of Spike, and the fluffy "Young Robots in Love," a Williambot story if you can imagine that. :) Her writing is clean and evocative, and she most definitely deserves all your praise. You can find all her stories here. :)
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