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I was going to try and get the Rook chapter out today, but Alex woke up this morning having developed a rash over most of his body, and combined with his other symptoms, we decided a professional was called for and have spent the morning on the phone and at the surgery having him looked at. The doctor said that if he didn't know that Alex already had his MMR, he would swear he's got rubella, so he's just classified it as an unspecified rubella-like viral infection. Informative, huh? Not really complaining, though. As someone who grew up without health insurance, where going to the doctor when you were sick was a luxury, I love the health system here in England. It's Sunday morning, and within an hour and a half of our first phone call, Alex was being seen.

We can't do much for him, other than keep him hydrated and keep giving him paracetamol, but his general malaise and neediness right now is making it difficult for me to concentrate on anything else. Craig and I are taking shifts keeping him settled, so I'll be able to sneak away and write for spurts at a time (I so need to get through this Rook chapter), but I don't foresee much getting done today as a general rule.

Maybe I can just sit on the couch and plot/brainstorm/outline and stuff. That William fic is nagging me more and more...

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