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So, it looks like I'm moving again, lol.

I'm not leaving California, though. Craig and I had talked about what we wanted if we stayed, and though we love our townhouse, the fact that we don't have a yard for the kids to go out and play in is a drawback. So, we decided to start looking around again. Now that we're more familiar with the area, we knew where we would want to go, and since we are already in a house that we like, we could afford to be picky. If the right house didn't come along, then we'd just stay. Nothing lost.

The right house came along. On Saturday.

The ad went up on Friday, so I called and made arrangements to go and see it on Saturday. Normally, I do viewings on my own, and only take Craig and the kids if I think it's viable. But with the ad showing up when it did, I figured what the hell. It was a good decision to make. As soon as we stepped into the house, Craig and I both pretty much knew. It's a *family* house. The couple who are renting it raised their 5 sons there, so it's a house that's designed to be practical. Technically, it's 6 bedrooms, but one of the bedrooms is small and attached to the laundry room, so they call it a spare room. Still, of the remaining 5, only 1 is smaller than the rooms we have now, and the master bedroom is humongous. Have I mentioned I love walk-in closets? :) The back yard has a deck about 18' deep that runs the entire length of the house, and then there's another 18' of yard past that, including a vegetable garden, an apple tree, an orange tree, and a persimmon tree. And bonus? Hot tub on the deck. It's in a gazebo with lattice walls, so semi-private, and the master bedroom is on the ground floor with sliding doors that go onto the deck right in front of the hot tub. Craig already has serious plans for it.

On top of all that, there's mucho storage. The garage is 2 1/2 cars wide and 2 stories tall, and there's an exterior 12x12 shed on top of that.

So, basically, we decided driving away from the house on Saturday that we wanted it. But we had another viewing to go to, so as we were pulling up at that appointment, we called the first one and asked if they'd stick around so that we could go back and talk to them. We ended up sticking around and talking to them for well over an hour, and then took their application home with us to fill in. We faxed it to them yesterday, and they called back today to let us know that pending the credit check, the house was ours. They even turned down another offer of $300 more a month to accept our application. I guess we made a good impression. :)

We're going to have an overlap of about 6 weeks on our two leases now, so that's going to make our move incredibly easy. It's not in Foster City, but just across the bay. Craig's going to have a commute, but he's already arranging to get his hours skewed so that at least a couple days a week, he won't have to worry about rush hour traffic. The back yard is completely contained, so I can let the kids go outside without worrying about them getting into traffic. Can you tell I'm excited about this? :) Did you hear me mention the hot tub?

You just *know* there's going to be hot tub Spuffy sex some time as a result. That can't be bad, right? :D

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