Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,


Figured I'd do a little awards pimping right about now:

- The Lovebite Awards run by xheartrockx has just started a brand, spanking new round. That means, she needs tons of nominees. Go on over and nominate your favorite fics; make an author's day!

- Vampire Kisses Awards run by vampkiss is having its second Best of the Best round. This is reader voted, so head on over and vote for your favorites. :)

- The Spuffy Awards run by ghostgirl13 and nikita_80 are looking for more nominees. Nominations go through March 20.

- For your non-relationship fic, there's Walk with Heroes, run by sadbhyl. This is for all the general fic that you read out there, the ones that aren't relationship based.
Tags: pimping

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