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Because she isn't nearly busy enough (ha!), the industrious sadbhyl has gone and created a community for all those that are involved with award sites, theenvelopeplz. There's no way I could describe it with full justice, so I'll just share its mission statement with you.

"There are many communities out there to promote award sites for all the various fandoms. But where do the moderators come to find support in running these labor intensive projects?

Why, that would be here.

theenvelopeplz is a resource for awards mods, to network with other mods on technical, ethical, and practical issues facing them, as well as to pimp their own sites, share resources and experiences, and basically to have a place to kvetch. While the founder of this community comes out of the BtVS community, this group is open to ALL fandoms, as we all have many of the same issues, and might have fresh perspectives on those which are fandom-specific. As the community grows, we will build a database of award sites available in all the fandoms represented in the member list, as well as a link to tutorials and other technical resources of value to the community.

This is by no means a community limited to award site mods, although they will be the focus of the community. It is not a place to ask questions such as “Why wasn’t this story I nominated included? It totally rawkedomg!!!1!!” Feedback as requested on layouts, formats, etc is a great way for a non-mod member to contribute to the group. It’s also a place for judges to talk about the issues they have with their aspect of the awards process. And for artists to discuss their skills and needs creating awards and layouts which are such a critical part of the award experience.

Our chief goal is networking. Networking and resourcing. Our two goals are networking, resourcing and shameless pimpage. Our THREE . . . oh never mind."

I know there are people on my flist who either run or are involved with awards sites, so if you're interested in a community where you can get support from people who know *exactly* what you're going through, go join. It should be wonderful!

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