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My obligatory Oscar post

I'll admit, I'm an Oscar ho. I have been since I was 18. I owe the reason I can call myself published to the Oscars---well, OK, to my obsession with them. I even at one point declared that I was going to watch every movie ever nominated and had a bound, typed up list (pre-word processors, how scary is that?) that I used to highlight all the movies I'd actually seen.

So, yeah, I consider myself a big ol' ho when it comes to the Oscars. I lurves 'em. I lurves the cattiness, I lurves the big schmooze, I lurves the speeches. Yeah, you heard me. I love the speeches. This is the single industry I love with more passion than any other, and when I see so many people gathered together, celebrating what they love to do, I get all verklempt. And I'm not ashamed to say that. :)

So, I don't really have anything insightful to say, so if you read further, just know how much I love the show as you do...

10 moments of randomness, in no order whatsoever...

1. I love being in California to watch these! It's only 8:40 and they're over! Woo hoo!

2. Beyonce annoys me. And how boring were all the song nominees? Though it was nice to be reminded of my Counting Crows love from way back.

3. Absolutely not surprised by any of the acting winners. And it's about time Morgan Freeman won!

4. Kate Winslet looked wonderful. Jake Gyllenhaal looked kind of scary. And it's probably going to get slammed, but I adored Hilary Swank's dress. My favorite of the night. Beautiful color and very striking, and if you've got a back that looks that good, I say go for it.

5. Did you see Vin Diesel in the Sidney Lumet clips? His head looks so tiny with hair!

6. I missed James Leary's commercial for a potty break. *pouts*

7. Jamie Foxx's speech made me cry, and I loved that he took his daughter.

8. I loved even more that Clint Eastwood's 96 y/o mother was sitting behind him in the audience. :)

9. Why does Charlie Kaufman remind me of Seth Green? I loved his speech. He's adorable.

10. Giving awards in the aisles is tacky. Time-saving, yes, but still tacky.

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