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Woke up this morning exhausted but in a wonderful mood. The kids have managed to pick up another bug overnight it would seem and I was up until the wee hours with Alicia, coughing and crying and the like. Alex is coughing up a storm this morning, too. Poor kids.

In light of little sleep, however, I was very cheery when I was awakened by the kids. I had an absolutely lovely dream. In it, Craig's company decided to offer a gift to employees and their significant others for a successful year (this is quite consistent with the way the really do operate). One of their options was a pair of tickets to a new play in San Francisco starring none other than James Marsters. Well, Craig got us front row seats to it and I spent the rest of my dream watching James perform. In my seat at the edge of a thrust stage, so James was consistently just a few feet away from me.

So, this had me in really good spirits when I woke up. I rolled over, and Craig and I started chatting about the day and the like, and I told him what a wonderful husband he was and had been in my dream. After hearing what the dream was, Craig shook his head and said, "If I was a really wonderful husband, I wouldn't have got you tickets. I would've got you a part."

LOL I love that man. :)

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