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I just got home from Toys R Us, which wasn't so fun in and of itself, but I pulled out my cell phone (which I almost always leave in the car so that I don't forget it and thus miss a lot of calls) to call Craig. Well, there was a voice message on it so I listened.

Unidentifiable man's voice: "Julie, what the hell are you doing? Now I only got you this phone so that I could get a hold of you and now you don't bother answering? You will call me back or you can say goodbye to your new little toy. I mean it this time. I need to know where you're at. Just remember, Daddy loves you. *pause* You better call, damn it."

Needless to say, it was a wrong number. Though I wonder if he ever got a hold of Julie. Part of me isn't convinced Julie is his real "daughter," which is just kind of creepy.

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