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Need. More. Hours in the day. :P

Haven't done a personal update on this in what seems like forever. Not sure that's a good or bad thing. Seem to have lost all personal pronouns in the process.

Just trying to stay on top of everything on my to do list. Post-party, life calmed down for a brief bit, but now other things have hit. Blurb deadlines (because we have to pay for Christmas and this year's cons *somehow*), fic commitments, more birthday parties (I swear to god everybody in Alicia's and Alex's classes were born between December and March), and kid/house stuff. Craig is very likely going to Paris for his birthday at the end of March. He was originally not going to go---it's a bunch of execs at the company taking a weekend for themselves sans significant others to celebrate all the new clients---but I convinced him to do it. After all, I get to go to Toronto and Detroit this spring/summer. Which, no, isn't exactly the same as Paris in spring, but it's the principle behind the idea. :)

I've shirked on doing anything more than trying to read my flist at this point. I'm so sorry for being such a bad commenter. That's the first resolution to go. I made it back to the gym yesterday for the first time in a week; the nausea and feeling of general unwellness was keeping me away before that. But food is back under control, too, so that's a good thing.

Current to do list:

- Write next Echoes chapter
- Write last Frost chapter
- Finish Slayer entry for Watchers Diaries
- Write Spuffy Kinkathon assignment - or at least start it so I have something to post on the day
- Blurb assignment
- Finish Calypso chapter
- Finish outline for new OF

- Update LLGA with new nominees and notify authors
- Finish reading for Vampire Kisses
- Finish responding to e-mails

- Help Alicia write her thank you notes for her birthday
- Finish re-organizing all Alicia's toys post-party
- Take to Toys R Us to buy gifts for the upcoming 3(!) birthday parties they've been invited to
- Take kids to get haircuts

- Laundry
- Ironing
- Go to Whole Foods and Safeway
- Pay bills
- Organize tax stuff for filing
- Clean kitchen and reorganize fridge post-party

At some point, I have to get *my* hair cut and colored, too. And go to the gym.

Ack. I should probably get off the computer and start doing some of this, huh? :P

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