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My house is a shambles, I have *way* too much food left, and my kids are wired to the gills on sugar, but it was a pretty darn good day all around. We had a couple no-shows on kids, but the ones who did show were the usual wonderful ones, including the absolutely adorable Jack who's got a crush on Alicia (and vice versa, they're so cute trying to find ways to be near each other without it looking like that's what they're doing). Our last guests left at 7, and I'm taking it easy until the kids go to bed in another half hour.

I have *so* much food left. Here's what is currently in my kitchen and on my dining room table:

- 2 extra large pizzas
- Nearly 60 fried mozzarella sticks
- Half a crock pot of hot and sour cocktail weenies
- Half a dish of orange chicken
- 25 chicken nuggets
- 40+ mini quiches
- 2/3 sheet chocolate cake
- a whole white cake (I had a small single layer round cake for those who didn't like chocolate, turned out that was nobody)
- Half a watermelon, a quart of strawberries, a cantaloupe, and 2 pounds of grapes
- 2 pounds of cut broccoli and cauliflower, even more baby carrots and celery
- Half a pound of guacamole and veggie dip
- And more chips, nuts, dried fruit than I can even start to catalog

And people ate! It's not like people didn't eat anything, but whoa, did I overdo it. Surprise, surprise. :)

The pinata worked out great, but the most fun was had by the bag decorating I had the kids do for their goody bags and a game Alicia got the other day called Elefun. The kids loved it, and played with it for forever. Best $10 I could've spent. We got lots of pics, but I'm not sure how many---if any---can be posted as they have a lot of kids in them that don't belong to me. If I find one, however, I'll post it for people to see.

There was some segregation of the sexes as not all the boys who were invited came, but after some of the little girls left, the boys played more with the girls who were left behind. The boys were almost the last ones to leave, in fact; they were adamant about staying which I took as a good sign. Of course, there's also the fact that Jack has such a crush on Alicia, too. ;)

We've got a ton of balloons left, too. I'd bought two 100-count bags, thinking we'd only blow one up and have the other as a spare. Nope. Craig had us blow up both bags. Without a pump. Our family room turned into a giant ball(oon) pit and had the kids jumping around and on them.

So, very good day all around. I'm going to respond to all the Frost comments after the kids go to bed, but wanted to say thank you here first. Coming on to the computer to find so many messages in my mailbox was wonderful after such a busy day; I truly appreciate it. :)

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