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For some reason, I'm really sore today. I've been diligent about going to gym nearly every day---I'm averaging 1 day off a week---and normally I don't have the day-after aches, but today...damn. I almost talked myself out of going and doing weights last night, but I went anyway. I didn't even up any weights, but when I started feeling nauseous on the second to last machine, I decided I needed to stop. And now today, my legs feel like they've run a marathon for some reason. Will still go and do my cardio tonight, though. I like doing those workouts a helluva lot more than the strength ones.

And I hate my scale. I'm seeing the positive effects of the working out---I could wear a sweater yesterday for the first time ever that didn't divulge every bulge, and I have *way* more energy than I used to (generally speaking)---but not on the scale. I know it's to be expected, but it's a little discouraging. Not stopping me though. Just...hate my scale.

Craig is doing much better, thankfully. Still working too hard and still not ready to go back to working out because of a lingering cough, but much more energetic and himself. I'm relieved.

Much to do today. Three days until Alicia's party, I have a buttload of laundry to do, and presents to wrap. I'm going to respond to individual fic comments later this morning but thank you to everyone who read yesterday. :)

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