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I skipped out on the gym tonight. I was going to go do weights, and then when Craig said he wanted ice cream to ease his sore throat, I decided that I'd had a stressful enough week to merit some ice cream, too. Chocolate Peanut Butter Haagen Dazs, to be specific. Yum.

I've been petting my legs all day. I bought these moleskin, mint-green trousers at the after Christmas sales, and they are the softest thing I have ever owned. The kids kept finding excuses to touch my pants all day long, and I'm sitting here, just running my fingertips across the fabric. I'm an incredibly tactile person, in case that wasn't obvious. ;)

It was a productive day, generally speaking. We got Alicia's room half done; unfortunately, my daughter suffers from the same habit of getting distracted by minutiae that I do. Also managed to clean and vacuum both sitting rooms and the dining room, *and* hit my writing quota, so not too shabby.

I also pre-ordered S5 Angel from Amazon today (thank you, arymetore!), so I've been all a-squee about that. I also went and got the Toni Childs "Union" album that I'm convinced I have *somewhere* but just can't find. I really want to listen to it again, and I'm not waiting any longer, damn it.

And now, I have to go clean my kitchen before I can go to bed. Craig just went up, after dosing himself with his meds, and he's likely to be asleep before I make it. He's doing a little better, but it's a good thing it's the weekend; he just needs the rest so badly.

Do me a favor and give your loved ones an extra hug today. No special reason. Just because. Though so much in this world can be dark and discouraging, there is also much that can bring a smile, can lighten a moment. A hug. A surprise "I love you." The sound of a child's laughter. The sun breaking through the clouds. All you have to do is pay attention. Find it. Hold it. Cherish it for the gift it is. And take joy in the fact of what you have in your life, not in what you lack.


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