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So, I've had a few people e-mail me about what's going on that's stressing me out, so in order to allay any concerns people might have...

It's not life and death, just a lot of little things all at once. Craig has managed to catch some serious bronchial thing post-China. He's got no voice, he's got a temperature that comes and goes, his breathing is all rattly and awful, and he's still insisting on working. In fact, here it is almost 6pm and he's still at work because he has to do an interview. So, I'm all worried about him, and overcompensating trying to keep his load light.

Other things on the agenda include Alicia's upcoming birthday (her party, complete with 14 of her friends here in our house, is a week from Saturday), all my LLGA stuff (I'm way behind on reading and trying to keep on top of the scores that I keep getting so that my wonderful graphics team doesn't hate me), a son who has suddenly decided to assert his independence in every aspect of his life which makes mine miserable (and don't get me started on the fact that I seem to be raising Al Bundy; would you believe the boy has managed to *scratch* it now from all his fiddling?), trying to stay on top of my writing (fic, OF, and blurbs), all the household stuff, the headache that's been our house (the housing association has finally OK'd the front steps to be torn out and replaced, hence stopping our leakage problems; the issue comes in trying to finagle everything, oi), and the list goes on.

I've been escaping to the gym as much as I can to relieve some of the stress; is it a bad thing to be going twice a day? ;) I just hate having stuff fall behind, and not being on top of it all is driving me buggy. My type-A inner child is going mad from the lack of control, and unfortunately LJ commenting is the first to slide because it sometimes takes me forever to respond to comments that are left. I'm trying, I really am, and I *do* appreciate all the comments I get. I just want people to understand why I might be a little slow lately. I'm sorry, I really am.

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