December 15th, 2020

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

A day at the library

Quiet day at the library. I took in everybody's gifts because I feared missing people. Everybody got an assortment of baked goods (double chocolate brownies, ginger molasses cookies, orange creamsicle cookies, dark chocolate and pistachio cookies with smoked salt, cherry rum balls, raspberry cake bars, and rocky road fudge bars), as well as more practical stuff like hand cream and sanitizer. In nice scents, of course.

We're changing our quarantine procedures based on the updated CDC information. We used to quarantine books for a minimum of 96 hours before processing. Due to the fact that transmission mostly occurs via the air and not through contact, they've now shortened it to 24 hours. Starting today. That meant I was busy for my entire shift, because I didn't have to only do the books that had hit the 96 hour mark. On the other hand, I'm convinced that there will need to be a restructuring of all of our hours. Before this, I was typically done with everything I could with half an hour to spare on my shift. I'm going to have even less to do on my shift now. But we'll see how it plays out.

Today's meme: What’s the best thing to do on a snowy day?
Hands down: STAY INSIDE, lol.

With that as a gimme, curling up with pets and reading is my go-to. And for some reason, make chili to have for supper.

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