December 7th, 2020

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Manic Monday

I'm running my first Facebook party for The Body Shop for my sister right now, so that is eating all my time while I try to make it go well. It's definitely more fun than I thought it would be, but still, more work than I anticipated. Probably because I'm a perfectionist. The problem is, I've also discovered more products that I absolutely want to try. I'm going to turn out to be my own best customer, lol.

I managed to get the cover art sorted in the long run. I stumbled across a vintage ferris wheel picture, and while there isn't a ferris wheel in the story, it still evokes a carnival and the coloring/mood was perfect. So I went with that and an image of hands holding glowy stuff to make it look like they're doing magic. It's simple, but it's going to work, I think.

I did manage to get a teensy bit of fic reading done, though, since Elysian Fields has started the Secret Santa posting. Nothing long, but honestly, one story has really stood out for me so far. It's Sleeping Arrangements by Cosmic Tuesdays, and it's a post-Chosen Spuffy story told from Giles's POV. It's absolutely lovely.

Yesterday's meme question: Do you take compliments or praise well?
No, not great, though I'm much better than I used to be. I grew up being criticized for every little detail and expect that at every turn, so being praised always embarrassed me, even when I craved it so much. If I'm better at it now, it's purely of Craig and his unfailing love and acceptance.

Today's meme question: Who was your first teeny-bopper celebrity crush? Did you have posters on your wall? Did you ever see them in concert or meet them in person? (Pictures, please! Gotta have that pin-up poster on the wall.)
I'm not sure who I had crushes on before high school, but in 9th grade, it was Jack Wagner who played Frisco Jones on General Hospital. My friend Starr and I were both obsessed with him. She's an amazingly talented artist, and in 10th grade, she did a pencil drawing of him that was so lifelike, it could've been a photo. She was that good. She had it printed on a postcard and gave it to me for Christmas. I think I might actually still have it stashed in a memory box somewhere. And we were OBSESSED with this song:

Yes, I still know all the words, lol.

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