December 5th, 2020

btvs - spike punk rebel: red_sunflower

Never write a historical you have to do cover art for

I have a pounding headache and I can't even say that I got everything done that I needed to. It was very productive until around 2pm, which was when I started searching for images for an upcoming release. The problem is, the story is set in 1930s Illinois, with a traveling carnival as a major setting, and a young gay couple. One of whom has magic. Stock photos have not been my friend. I really wanted something with a background of a carnival in rural middle America, but nope, everything is way too modern or has obvious urban inclinations. So I found a lovely vintage photo of middle America and figured I'd try to find some male figures to use as the leads. Nope. That's turning into a nightmare, too. I think I have to stop for the night because I'm getting blurry.

Costco ended up being nearly empty, so that's all done. And we got more of the decorating finished. So at least there's that.

Today's meme: What is the most offensive thing a person could say to you?
That I believe in any of Trump's values. Seriously.

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