December 4th, 2020

eurydice - mrs harris: mangofandango

Locking down and pimpage

Well. Bay Area county health commissioners decided not to wait until we hit the 15% left of ICU capacity and announced we were going into the stricter lockdown this weekend. My county starts on Sunday. Craig is going out tomorrow to get stuff that we want for Christmas because I don't want to have to try again when stores' capacity is even lower than it is now. Because this will not be lifted before the new year.

Also, the library is not closing. However, Christmas and New Year's both fall on Fridays, which is one of the days I work, so I get those off without having to ask for time off this year. Kind of nice.

Anybody out there like to write Willow? whichwillow is having their Which Witch Ficathon and sign-ups are happening now. There are some great prompts. I signed up already. You should totally check it out.

Today's meme question: What was the last live performance or concert you attended?
The last show I saw was on February 21, the musical The Last Ship starring Sting, in San Francisco. It's going to be quite a while before I see another one live.

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