December 1st, 2020

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How is it December already?

Life has been too busy the past week, and I let LJ slide. But today is the 1st, so I'm determined to get a clean start.

Our tree is up, but it's not decorated yet. Since Chico is a new addition in the house, we wanted to see if he had any kind of reaction to it before we loaded it down with decorations and potentially lost some. It's near a window (something that couldn't be avoided), so there was also the chance that he'd hit it in his excitement to look outside at something. But nope, it's been perfectly clear, so tomorrow we can finally start decorating. Though both Craig and Alicia have said they kind of like the minimalist look. I gave them the stink eye at that. They're not taking that away from me, too.

I have a new desk set-up that I'm still adjusting, too. Craig set me up with an older monitor he doesn't want to get rid of yet, so I've got dual screens going. It's okay so far, but I've turned this corner I'm in into a sauna with all the electronics, so tomorrow I have to set up a fan or die from overheating. It doesn't help that I still have this mild cold. I had myself partially convinced the other day that it was more than that, just because my temperature kept doing wonky things. Craig kept asking if it was a hot flash, but no, it wasn't that.

Most of my gifts have arrived, so I'm going to start wrapping soon. Otherwise, I have to worry about kids stumbling across them. I can't do anything about their big gifts yet, because Craig hasn't purchased them yet. He's been dragging his feet. I have no idea why. We agreed a month ago about what to get them, and the longer he waits, the more likely something will happen.

December meme!

Today's question: How do you feel about snow?
Not a big fan. I grew up in mid-Michigan, so heavy snowfalls in the winter were the norm. I've had concussions from sledding accidents, slid off the road due to icy conditions, built tunnels through snowdrifts that somehow never managed to bury me alive, been snowed in at my aunt's at Christmastime because of lake effect snow, and completely lost a spring entirely because we got snow at the very beginning of June (then hit 80F less than a week later). I don't like being cold and wet, and any pleasure I might gain from playing in it was left in my childhood. So, no, not a fan.

I had to fight a lot of misconceptions about snow when Craig and I were living together in Pennsylvania. His parents came over to visit, and they don't really get a lot of snow where they live in the UK. They think it's always like what you see in the movies. I tried to prepare them about how ugly it gets after the roads get scraped, but then, the first time they came over, we got an ice storm their second night there. It left the world completely white and coated the bare trees outside our windows so they looked like ice sculptures. It was so cold and awful that it stayed that way for most of the day because the trucks couldn't get out. There was no changing their minds about what snow is really like after that, lol.

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